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 - Knowledge - an understanding of, or information about, a subject that you get by experience....


Experiences are why we get out and about. Without them life would be pretty damn boring, right? So when you have a new experience here in NZ, we would be stoked to hear about it. Grab ya jandals and get out there!

Write up your experience and send it in.  Add a few photos that you have shared on Instagram. If you follow and tag SYRPARTS in that photo, and if we publish it on our blog  "New Zealand Tourism", we will get you a voucher for a few beers, a snack or a wine. 

When we say 'local knowledge', we are talking about experience of the whole country. We love this place and can't wait for you to find and share your experience with us. SYR know you will find a place here that will just make you sit back and think, "Tu meke! How can I leave?"

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We are putting together a bunch of pages of places, towns and activities to help you out. To get started, first you will need to know the best ways to get about and where you can put your head down for the night.


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Photo Location: Mount Maunganui, Bay Of Plenty