36th America’s Cup Dates and Courses Announced

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The 36th Americas Cup race dates and course locations have now been announced and I must say I think they could not have chosen much better dates or race courses to suit visiting superyachts.


The main event (the Americas Cup Match Racing Series) running from 6th-21st of March 2021 should see us with great sailing conditions and warm weather. It also leaves the prime summer months free for guests to experience the natural beauty of New Zealand’s best cruising grounds of which are sure to please. This means that visiting yachts will not have to try to decide between cruising remote destinations and being upfront for the racing action, they can easily do both.


The race course locations also appear to be favourable for large yachts as they all have plenty of deep water around them so there should be no need to break a sweat when the guests demand maximum proximity for their viewing pleasure, although you might want to keep in mind that no license is required to skipper a small boat in New Zealand so you may experience some interesting interpretations of nautical navigation but don’t worry it’s not as crazy as Italy is, by that I mean you should not have weekend warriors cutting through large crowds with their throttle maxed out. Instead, you will probably just be wondering why nobody seems to obey the road rules and that would be because it is very likely nobody knows them.  


So with these two new announcements, it is looking like the 2020/2021 New Zealand cruising session should be a great one for visiting superyachts.


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