Auckland's buildup to the 36th America's Cup

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The America's Cup Village 


As the 2021 America’s Cup draws ever so near, it is hard to imagine that all the buildings planned for construction are going to be completed in time.

With the bases and infrastructure still waiting on resource consent before any construction can take place, there is very little evidence down at Auckland’s waterfront that these old industrial docks will soon be part of a thriving America's Cup village.

It's exciting to imagine the atmosphere that will be created by the proposed layout and having all the action right in the heart of the city, with such great public access. But the big questions on my mind are, where are all the superyachts going to dock and is New Zealand's marine industry up to the task of supporting the number of yachts that are rumored to be coming to New Zealand for the 36th America's Cup? All reports so far seem to be indicating a large turnout of superyachts for the 2020/2021 summer season. 


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